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Serving Ceramics, Engineering, Pharmacuticals, FMCG, Packaging, Food & Beverages, Logistics, Footwear & many other industries with the feasible and best consultancy for Warehouse Design & Layout, Packaging Design, Low Cost Automation, Supply Chain Solutions, Warehouse Space Optimization and others.

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All industries are modifying their infrastructure and other facilities according to the new developments in the market; only for staying ahead in the competition and becoming the primary choice of clients. For this purpose, they require services of a specialized company that possess expertise in infrastructure remodeling and development. Here, we, Pragyna Consultancy Services boast of the world class and authentic consultancy services offered by us. Our service portfolio includes Warehouse Design & Layout, Packaging Design, Breakage Control In Ceramics & Glass Industries, Paper Honeycomb Packaging, Low Cost Automation, Supply Chain Solutions, and others.

All these services / solutions are offered by us in partnership with clients and associates. Toe with line, we have been able to tailor every service according to client's needs and become their foremost choice. We assist with Warehouse Space Optimization and other services for different industries like Agriculture, Automotive, Fashion, Pharmaceutical etc. Also, Time & Method Study is conducted by us. To attain utmost client satisfaction, our team of experts stay abreast with the latest market trends and developments. Accordingly, they provide the best consultancy to them, which is guaranteed to improve their business and result in better profits from their investments.

Our Services

  • Time motion study
  • Operational Excellence
  • Productivity improvement
  • Inventory optimization
  • Special management audit
  • Warehouse design & layout
  • Warehouse operations outsourcing
  • Warehouse audit & Benchmarking
  • Warehouse operations outsourcing
  • Manpower trainings
  • Low cost automations
  • performance-improvement
  • Process improvement
  • supply-chain-consultancy
  • Labor cost reduction

Productivity improvement

Productivity improvement-Production & Operations Management is concerned with the production of goods & services & involves the responsibility of ensuring the business operations are efficient in terms of using...

Operational excellence

Operational excellence-we can bring OE at every point in the supply chain. Let it be manufacturing or logistics( warehousing & dispatch).This is generally start with following questions- How do enterprise systems help businesses