Time motion study: T&M Studies can be effective for performance evaluations & for planning purposes in order to predict the level of output that may be achieved. T&M Studies can be used to uncover problems and create solutions .time cost analysis can also be performed. A number of companies require this to determine a ‘normal’ or average time for a job, by using observers to record exactly how much time is being devoted to each task. thus we can fix the working standard with the help of T&M studies.

Operational excellence: We can bring OE at every point in the supply chain. Let it be manufacturing or logistics( warehousing & dispatch).This is generally start with following questions:
How do enterprise systems help businesses achieve operational excellence?
How do supply chain management systems coordinate planning, production, and logistics with suppliers?
How do customer relationship management systems help firms achieve customer intimacy?
What are the challenges posed by enterprise applications?
We assure for achieving the optimum level of operational excellence , with global standards

Productivity improvement: Production & Operations Management is concerned with the production of goods & services & involves the responsibility of ensuring the business operations are efficient in terms of using as little resources as needed & effective in terms of meeting customer requirement. It is concerned with managing the process that converts inputs into outputs. While providing consultancy for productivity enhancement, we also train the staff members to use the best practices suggested. We use the modern management techniques for this.

Cost reduction: Cost cutting is no longer the solution to sustainable profitability, the key to success is finding creative ways to prevent cost. Cost reduction is to be understood as the achievement of real and permanent reductions in the unit cost of the goods manufactured or services rendered without imposing their suitability for the use that is intended. We provide consultancy for cost reduction in various areas such as- Material, Purchasing, Storage, Transport. Production, Labor & Overheads.

Inventory optimization: It is the need of the hour, to have optimized inventory levels. Lack of which will eat up the profits. We have several companies with high level of Inventory, always suffering from carrying cost. We provide consultancy for inventory optimization results in benefits like-improved customer service, economies of purchasing & production & saving in transportation cost.

Special management audit: Special Management Audit services" for "Cost Reduction, Profitability Improvement and Performance Improvement, Risk Management, Review of Management Decision making Processes/Tools/Models" etc , to cover the entire supply and value chain operations of a client.

Warehouse optimization: A number of companies are there which are not utilizing there warehousing space/capacity properly, as they are not aware with the modern warehousing practices. We provide complete consultancy right from the warehouse design. Also cover which type of racking they should use ? & which Material handling system will be suitable ? the result will be optimized space & capacity.

Warehouse audit & Benchmarking: We generally go to a doctor to be sure of good physical & mental health. we provide this service to examine health of the warehouse. Whether the warehouse practices are up to the mark or there is a need of improvement ? this generally takes 4-6 days time for us to conduct the study & then report submission.

Warehouse operations outsourcing: We also provide contract warehousing/end to end warehousing with distribution with our sister concern. You can leave everything on us right from the inbound transportation to distribution.

Men power trainings: We also provide trainings for workers & staff members, for Boost up of morals, better working efficiencies & quality work. A number of companies have been benefitted from our training programs.

Low cost automations: Automations plays an important role where critical operations have to be performed( such as packaging of toxic items, fatigue inducing jobs etc).the cost of automations sometimes very high & due to this companies put this aside. We offer low cost automations( as 50% less cost), which can do wonders for the customers, by applying method study combined with technical advancements. Results in great savings for the customers.

Method study (for Process improvement): Sometimes companies follow certain processes which have become obsolete, results in poor productivity. We offer/apply method study for the complete processes & suggests the best available practices/processes, for the better productivity & cost reduction.

Supply chain consultancy: We offer Supply chain consultancy services with the objectives of "Cost Reduction (for each cost unit and cost centre), Profitability Improvement and Performance Improvement , Risk Management, Review of Management Decision making Processes/Tools/Models, Organization Structure Review " etc , to cover the entire supply and value chain operations of a client .The Approach & Methodology is based on a unique synergy of innovative concepts and proprietary best practices. It has nothing to do with the “Jargon Junk” of the Global Consulting Firms i.e. Balanced Scorecard/ BPR / Six Sigma / Strategic Sourcing etc.

Labor cost reduction: Industrial sector is facing a shortfall in availability of labors, for last several years. Certain industries ( manufacturing ,logistics & warehousing) are badly affected as no availability of labors. This results in poor production output, improper utilization of available plant capacities & increased labor costs. We offer consultancy for reduction in labor cost & by converting the manual processes into mechanized. This results in better profits & capacity utilization.